Powder Cleaner

Great working performance with high capacity and low power cost;
Crushing effectively the cakings and seperating stones and other big impurities.

SFSP63 Hammer Mill

Used for crushing different feedstuff, eg. corn, sorghum, cakes and others.
High transmitting efficiency, working smoothly, solidity and durability
Water-drop room can improve crushing efficiency
Rotor can make rotary movement forwar

Pet Food Extruder

Dog food machine can produce dry food for all breeds and all ages. It mainly take cereals powder, bone meal(fresh bone), meat powder(fresh meat), milk powder, wheat flour, salt, vitamins, chicken oil, beef tallow, and so on for production.

Counter-flow Cooler

Better cooling performance: material got cooled from bottom to top effectively decrease the cracks of pellets;
With good efficiency, material temperature is not over +3℃-+5℃ after cooling;

Company Profile

Providing a full range of complete feed pelleting solutions for any scale feed pellets and ancillary equipment used in the pelleting process.

Owning a professional team with specialized theoretical and practical background, we have been offering full scale service for over 20 years to our customers by developing projects from blueprint, customized solution, machinery production to installation of complete feed pellet plants.

In order to serve better and save more time for our customers, we are able to supply more supporting facility-fully automatic pellets and powder bagging plant which is so helpful to save labours and cost in pratical work.

Now we aim to provide our equipment, technology and service to all of practitioners in Feed Industry and do our utmost to the development of Feed Industry around the world. Sincerely welcome your enquiry.

Our Services

Customer Service

Provide 24 h * 365 service, you could reach us at any time by telephone, computer, mobile, skype, email or any other chatting tools for technical support, price and policy consultation and other requests.

Customer Service

Design plant layout due to customers requirements and quality control for the whole process.

Technical Support

Our experienced engineers could get to your site for technical support, finish installation, test running on time and give tranning to workers.

Original spare parts

We provide quality and reliable original spare parts at the most reasonable and favorable price.